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Need some help with Digisingle?

  • I have a voucher to redeem music – what do I do?
    Choose the music you would like and select checkout when you are ready. When you get to the summary page, just enter your Digisingle voucher number.
  • I had a voucher and even though I didn’t use all my credit the site shows I have no credit remaining.
    Some vouchers are set as a one use voucher – as in the case of a single track. You can use this voucher to purchase your product but once you have downloaded your track all remaining credit is forfeited.
  • What are the minimum requirements to access the website?
    An internet broadband connected PC or Mac with a current web browser is all that is required. You will also require the Adobe Flash player. If this free plug-in is not already installed in your browser you will be prompted to install it.  Follow the simple instruction in order to do so.
  • What format are the downloads?
    All downloads are provided as MP3 files. These files do not have any DRM which means you are not restricted on what device you can play your music. All download MP3s are high quality 320kps files.  These downloads are virtually indistinguishable from CD-quality audio and we think offer the best audio quality vs download time.
  • The “Preview” links don’t sound CD-quality – is this the same as what I’m buying?
    The streaming samples you hear when you click “Preview” or when you listen to a a playlist are of lower quality than the purchased, full MP3s. Encoding the samples at a lower bitrate allows you to hear the song samples faster with less time waiting for the files to load.
  • Is downloading this music legal?
    Yes. Unlike downloading mp3s from Peer-to-Peer networks, all tracks downloaded through this website are 100% legal and the artists and songwriters receive royalties for every sale, by buying from us you are helping to support the artists and songwriters.
  • How long does it take to download a track?
    Downloading the average MP3 on a broadband connection should take you less than 1 minute. If you are on a dial-up connection, expect this download to take a few minutes.
  • Can I download multiple copies of my songs?
    You can download a second copy of the files to a second computer/storage device OF YOURS. We guarantee that a second copy will be available to you for up to thirty days after the date of purchase.
  • Can I get my files any time?
    We guarantee that the files will be available to download immediately. You will also receive a confirmation email for thirty days after the date of purchase. You can collect your files immediately after completing the checkout process by following the link to the download area, or you can use the link in the email we send you to access the download area at another time within the 30 day period. However it is possible that at times of very heavy demand or in case of exceptional technical problems you may be requested NOT to collect your file(s) immediately.
  • Why can’t I see any downloads available?
    There are 2 reasons why you may no longer see your downloads: 1. The downloads have expired as they are over 30 days old. Downloads are only available for access for 30 days from the date or transaction. 2. The downloads are not yet available – the product(s) are a pre-release. These will become available once a product is available to the public in your region.
  • How do I transfer tracks to my iPod?
    Just download the file(s) to a location that you have specified. Don’t change the name, iTunes will get all the correct details from the information embedded within the file. If you are downloading multiple files or an album we would recommend creating a new folder for these downloads.In iTunes you have 2 options.Go To Music (Under Library) and then just drag the downloaded file(s) directly in with the other tracks. OrUnder the File menu, select add File To Library (or add Folder To Library). Then select your downloaded file (or Folder) and the track(s) will be imported into iTunes. After either of these methods just sync your iPod, artwork and track details will all be shown.

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