Dirt River Radio are not just a band…a gang with a truly family spirit, likened to that of the early 70s Rolling Stones, would best describe the boys from St Kilda. When two years ago a new member was needed, rather than look to the classifieds or the Internet the boys looked to their friends and have not looked back. Cementing a sound over the last two years that was touched on in "BEER BOTTLE POETRY" and is now being fully expressed as they complete their follow up record titled "ROCK N ROLL IS MY GIRLFRIEND".

In collaboration with Producer / Engineer Matt Voigt (worked with Aussie greats such as The Dirty Three, Paul Kelly, and Midnight Oil), Dirt River Radio’s sophomore release promises to lift the band to a new level surely gaining them many new fans. The full length album “ROCK N ROLL IS MY GIRLFRIEND” is due out August in Australia, Asia and Europe coinciding with the release of the rockumentary “TOO HOT DAYS, TOO HOT NIGHTS” filmed throughout 2011 by award winning filmmakers SteepleJack Creative.

As well as Australian and Asian releases DRR’s debut record “BEER BOTTLE POETRY” was released in Europe this year through label Bad Reputation. The album was well received across Australia. Debuting at No14 on the AIR charts. The band received play on Triple J for the song "All My Friends" and reached No2 on the Unearthed chart. “All My Friends” was voted in the top 20 tracks of the year in Beat Magazine as well as receiving rave reviews around the country in both street press and on radio. The track “Chase the Sun” is currently the theme song for National Geographic channel’s “THE AUSSIE WAY UP” presently airing in its 1st season Internationally.

In Europe there has been a positive reaction so far, with the album receiving great feedback in both France and Spain and the band has already had many requests from new fans to visit these countries. UK Classic Rock Magazine Editor’s playlist saw the song “American Beer” at No20 in the May Issue #169 with boys managing to top Van Halen.

After sharing stages in Australia with Jim Ward (At the Drive-in), Spencer P Jones and CW Stoneking, and their new album completed, Dirt River Radio are sure to win over larger audiences in Europe and United States touring 2012/2013 with their uniquely drunken-styled sing-along shows.