Digisingle for Promoters

Digisingle enables festival, events and gigs to add much value to sponsors and to punters via digital ticketing. Our technology, as a replacement to the traditional ticket, provides your campaign with a powerful platform to reinforce brand, sponsors logos, videos or advertisements.



About Digisingle for Promoters

With a Digisingle “ticket”, your event goers are provided with a simple, unique download code that they can redeem online for a digital music track, album or video. The customer receives these codes from their digital ticket eg lanyard or on a Digisingle download card. All Digisingle cards, landing pages, redemption websites and materials are customised fully to your brand and aligned with the music and acts you’ve choosen.



Digital Ticketing and Your Event

Digisingle technology used as the replacement for the traditional concert ticket, or handed to consumers as they walk through the gate, adds value to consumers and festival brand sponsors.  It also acts as an advertising medium for the sponsors reinforcing their brand via an image or video commercial. All data related to the consumers activity including email address can then captured.



Key Features

  • Replace traditional ticket with a digital platform
  • Value adds free music or competitions to the consumer and becomes a collectable from the event.
  • Choose one or many tracks for your campaign
  • Marketed either direct by the brand or event and used as the actual concert ticket for distribution
  • Collect as little or as much data as you require from event goers when they redeem the codes
  • Have our specialist in-house design team customize Digisingle campaign landing pages, redemption page and download cards to your specific needs and brand
  • Run a campaign for Business to Business or as Business to Consumer operations (eg run a campaign as a competition, as a giveaway, as a reward, as a thank you)
  • View detailed and summary reporting for instant feedback with your Digisingle Campaign Dashboard
  • Download cards can be a credit-card sized plastic card or customised to shapes and material your require
  • When customer redeems, ability to reinforce brand via inclusion of video ad before download for example
  • Ability to follow up with customer after redemption (offer an up sell for example) with an autoresponder or page redirect
  • Ability to run time or volume based campaigns with ongoing monitoring of landing page activity post campaign




Use Digisingle for your next campaign to..

  • Be unique and differentiate your brand from your competitors
  • Enhance your brand recognition and increase product sales by aligning your brand to cool and popular music and music artists
  • Secure “non-invasive” market research and build a customer database on your product
  • Generate leads, grow market-share or simply maintain and build relationships with customers, clients and channels
  • Secure additional web traffic
  • Reward or thank existing customers, clients or partners
  • Leverage off Asia Pacific’s leading digital music company to grow your brand recognition smartly, innovatively with music!

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Need Help & Support?Need Help & Support?

Having trouble with your download or just have some questions? See our help and support page.


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